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More Customers!

Do you have all the customers you need? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to attract more customers? Have you tried advertisements, newsletters, trade-shows, brochures, SEO/Social media and dozens of other ways - without the success you would like? Are you happy with the status-quo? Just OK with "Covering our expenses?" Would you like to turbo-charge your sales efforts, maybe double or triple your sales, without paying a fortune?

Secrets to Turbo-charge your Customer-Attraction process

There are several marketing secrets that no one really discusses. In fact, if you talk with a hundred different marketing consultants, you are likely to get 99 different opinions about what to do! And, probably in their own areas of expertise. You can’t afford to try them all, but isn’t that what you’ve been doing? Without the success you would like?

If you are ready to learn changes you can make in order to boost revenue and your company’s value, then read on.

Not enough budget to do all the marketing you'd like?

This book contains Seven Secrets business leaders need to know in order to attract significantly more "A" customers.

If you run a company and are not sure if your marketing and sales efforts are bringing in as many customers as you think they should, this book is for you. Perhaps you are not sure how much should be spent on trade shows, advertisements, PR, etc.

If you are looking to turbo-charge your sales and have tried different kinds of sales training, have brought in several consultants and/or marketing firms to boost revenue – without the results you would like to see, then this book is for you.

From the Forward

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but implementing the concepts in this book could be worth millions to your business. Whether you're implementing a new strategy or re-tuning an old one, you want measurable results.

Mark personally worked with us to implement these concepts in our company, significantly increasing revenue, upping the valuation by millions, and ultimately helping us achieve our business objectives.

Don't just read this book. Implement the concepts, measure the results, and enjoy the ride!"


"This book could be worth millions to your business!"

Stop the Madness!

What goes on in some companies can best be described as madness. On two fronts: First, many companies tend to spend a lot on marketing – trying new things all the time – without knowing what the outcomes have been or will be.

Second, many companies rely on gut feel instead of asking the difficult question "How can we spend less, while generating more qualified leads, with shorter sales cycles?"

This book is about considering the entire customer-attraction process in a completely different way. A way that will enable you to get better results while (typically) spending less.

"Stop wasting time & make your marketing dollars work!"


Attract Better Customers: Increase Company Value

The concepts in this book – when implemented to their fullest – have resulted in companies dramatically boosting their revenue, profitability and cash position. They have also helped several company owners become millionaires, due to increases in corporate valuation resulting from applying all seven secrets and the subsequent acquisition of their companies.


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Tips tricks: Only $20 for this e-Book!

"It is for those CEOs who really want to get to the next level - and it requires openness to challenge the status quo."

What works... What doesn't!

This book works whether your Customers are consumers or businesses. In fact, non-profits / associations can use the principles in this book to attract more members! A graduate institute even applied several of these secrets to quadruple their student base.

This book will help you focus your outbound marketing & sales tactics by finding out which few tactics provide the highest return on your investment. In your industry, with your products / services, and in your market niche.


"Helped us achieve growth at 40%+ rate and increased profitability 70%."

Not a "Sales-training" nor "How-to Marketing" Book

This book has nothing to do with sales training, "cultural" aspects of a sales organization, nor is it a "tactical" how-to book of marketing methods proliferating the marketplace.


"Provided upwards of $500,000 of value."

Why "Good times & bad?"

The concepts and processes described in this book have been successfully applied to companies at various stages of their growth cycle and different stages of the economic cycle. These concepts and processes allow companies to better understand how customers think, especially when times change.


"Visibly and dramatically improved the condition of the organization."

Concepts may even help you reduce costs

Every company I’ve helped has limited resources. This book is not intended to help you "go green", however you can determine ways to reduce your spending which typically result in less waste – a green concept – to help you improve your triple-bottom-line.


"Any CEO can gather valuable insights from this book."

For Company Leaders & Owners

This book is for Business Owners, General Managers, Presidents & CEOs of small to medium-sized companies and "CMOs" of medium to large companies. Its patent-pending process cuts through the art of marketing & sales and provides a methodical approach to attracting significantly more customers... in good times and bad.


"If you want to attract significantly more customers, this book will help you get there."

How to "outperform yourself"

The tenets in the book have everything to do with helping the person-in-charge create an environment for marketing and sales executives & teams to outperform themselves by turbo-charging their customer-attraction process. Once you embrace the concepts and processes, whoever is responsible for marketing can then be even more successful.

"I wonder how much further along we would be today if we would have hired you a year ago!"


Kick-start your way to your next several levels – in a way that is a "win" for your company, your employees, executives, and your customers.


"Added significant value to the strategic direction of my company"

Overrun with ideas

Most books and consultants who deal with marketing and sales are focused on improving their sales or marketing team performance. They conduct sales training, help companies with trade shows, advertising, public relations (PR), or help improve cold calling, plus a variety of other tactically focused efforts. Many of these books and consultants indeed provide tremendous insights into how to improve sales and/or marketing teams' performance.

This book is not at all about training sales people in the latest closing techniques. It is not about helping you with your branding. It doesn’t discuss what color your logo should be, or how to improve direct mail response rates.

This book can help you uncover which marketing and sales techniques work for you and which are a waste of your time and money so you can focus only on those tactics that work for you.

"I hired Mark and he hit it right on all counts."

The notion of 'while'

This book present the seven secrets a CEO needs to embrace – in order to enable him/her to attract significantly more customers, while (typically) spending less on both marketing and sales! In good times and bad.


"Your advice is especially valuable!"

A Strategic Approach!

The real questions CEOs need to answer have nothing to do with spending more on marketing and sales. Anyone can do that! Instead, their goal is to make significant improvements in return-on-investment (ROI), while spending less on marketing and sales. This requires a strategic approach. And it requires that the CEO embrace Seven Secrets, learn them, implement them, and insist that everyone in their marketing and sales departments learn and implement them.


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Advice you won't get anywhere else! The e-Book is only $20.

"You do not talk about the "same-old" marketing & sales tactics. Rather, how to cost-effectively attract the best customers, yielding the highest return on investment!"

"Quickly get to the core reasons why your company is not firing on all cylinders."

"I now understand my customers' needs, the sales cycle and the target market better."



"I've seen Mark Paul apply these principles to several ventures at the incubator - which directly improves both the top and bottom lines."

If you are looking to attract significantly more customers, the secrets in this book are invaluable. Don't try it alone! Buy the PDF e-Book. Now! It's only $20.

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